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Selle San Marco Rolls SaddleDesigned for both road and MTB use, this saddle gives you lasting comfort and control on your adventures. It features a techno-polymer shell construction, which makes it incredibly flexible for any kind of riding discipline. Engineered for going the extra mile, it's also equipped with biofoam padding, which allows you to benefit from pressure relief around your sit bones. This means you'll be able to pedal for longer than before without worrying about suffering from fatigue. Features: Cover Material: Black: Recycled Plastic Bottles; Honey: Leather Shell Material: Techno-polymer Rail Material: Carbon and Steel Padding Material: Biofoam Use: MTB, Road Dimensions: 282x143mm Gender: Unisex Saddle Profile: Flat/Wide Stiffness/Flex: Comfort Weight: 383g (approx)Manufacturer Part Numbers: Black Recycled: SMS490C079 Honey: SMS490C081 Buy Selle San Marco Components from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.

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