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Pure Prairie League
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Pure Prairie League is an American country-rock band whose roots began between 1964 and 1969 in Waverly, Ohio with Craig Fuller, Tom McGrail, Jim Caughlan and John David Call. The band's name was chosen in 1970 by McGrail after a 19th century temperance union mentioned in the 1939 film Dodge City. The band has had a long run, active from the 1970s through the late 1980s and was revived in the late 1990s for a time, then again in 2004. Although the band has its roots in Waverly, Ohio, it was actually formed in Columbus, and had its first success in Cincinnati. Fuller (who would also play with J.D. Blackfoot and Little Feat), McGrail, Caughlan and Call had played together on and off since high school. An early pre-Pure Prairie League recording was a George Ed Powell penned composition, "Break Me Down to Pieces" with Powell (acoustic guitar and vocal), Fuller (lead guitar and vocal), McGrail (drums), Kenny May (bass) and David Workman (pedal steel guitar).

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