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Fabric Scoop Sport Radius Gel Saddle - Sättel
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This versatile saddle features a reliable microfibre cover construction, which allows it to handle the increased pressure on longer journeys. Fabric has also equipped this durable saddle with a nylon shell which provides efficient flexibility as you pedal. Durable Saddle with Steel Rails Whether you're shredding the mountain bike trails or clocking up the miles on your road bike, this saddle is engineered for performance. It comes ready for action with tough steel rails, which deliver a stable hold to your seatpost on intense rides. Suitable for all-weather conditions, this saddle is a perfect choice of upgrade for riders who want a dependable component on every adventure.

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Stand: 29.10.2020
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Fabric Scoop Radius Sport Saddle - Schwarz  - 1...
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Fabric Scoop Radius Sport SaddleThis Award-Winning saddle is engineered for both road and MTB use as it delivers outstanding comfort and support on every journey. It features a dependable microfibre cover construction which makes it perfect at handling the abuse from long days on the road and aggressive mountain bike trails. Fabric has also equipped this sleek version with a plastic shell which allows for flexibility and responsiveness as you conquer every ride. Durable Saddle with Steel RailsDesigned to meet the demands of all cycling disciplines, this fantastic component is kitted out with steel rails. This means you'll benefit from its rock-solid grip to your seatpost as you pedal across mixed terrain conditions. One final highlight is this Fabric Scoop Radius Sport Saddle weighs only 350g, this makes it a perfect choice of upgrade for riders who want greater strength without adding any excess weight to your road bike or mountain bike. Features: Cover Material: Microfibre Shell Material: Plastic Rail Material: Steel Padding: Foam Use: Road, MTB Profile: Radius Dimensions: 142x282mm Rail Dimensions: 7mm Weight: 350g (approx)Buy Fabric Components from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.

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Stand: 29.10.2020
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