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Oxford Wall Anchor 10 Lock - Bodenanker
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Built from hardened steel, the robust and reliable Wall Anchor 10 Lock bolts down into your floor or on your wall to create a sturdy, hard to crack anchor for your bike. Easily fixed in to place with the included Allen key, it acts as a base to thread your bike chain or cable lock through as a secondary security measure, whether tethering your ride up for the night in the garage or outside your apartment in lieu of being able to keep it inside.  Saw-resistant and tested to withstand five minutes worth of constant attack, the manufacturer has granted it a Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Silver rating, making it a confidence instilling barrier against opportunists and thieves. The bolts keeping the Wall Anchor 10 Lock in place are also protected by ball bearings and are covered when the lock is in use, making for an ultra-protective and secure storage method from security specialist Oxford.

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