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Look SRM Exakt Single Power Meter - Schwarz
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Look SRM Exakt Single Power MeterThis high-quality power meter is the result of a close collaboration between Look and SRM to give you light, powerful and detailed results. It features a stiff carbon body construction which makes it perfect at handling all the intensity that comes with a long session without adding any excess weight to your ride. Look has also equipped it with a rock-solid CrMo axle for a reliable connection alongside your crankset as you maintain your momentum with every rotation. Bluetooth L.E. and ANT+ Pedal Power MeterEngineered for straightforward ease of use, this superb model captures data using a single-side and sends it to your smart-device using Bluetooth L.E. or ANT+. This means you can measure every detail of your performance to improve your training habits and to help you discover your limits and progress. Giving you the freedom to record, analyse and share your data, this fantastic model takes your power and cadence information and allows you to manage your training effectively. Lithium Ion BatteryReady to deliver accurate results, this stunning component is kitted out with a lithium ion battery for an easier charging experience. Unlike traditional power meters, this version allows you to simply charge it without taking your pedals off your bike by using a magnetic connector. This charges both your pedals simultaneously to ensure unlimited performance and a battery life of up to 100 hours once complete. Features: Body Material: Carbon Contact Surface Material: Stainless Steel Axle Material: CrMo Use: Road Pedal Type: Clip-in Power Meter Type: Single-sided Platform Area Size: 400 mm² Platform Width: 64mm Q-Factor: 54.6mm Stack Height: 11.9mm Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery Life: 100H Connectivity: Bluetooth L.E. and ANT+ Part Number: PEXAKT18916 Weight: 310g (approx)Technologies: Designed To Face The Elements: The pedal waterproofness has been the focus of attention thanks to the integration of new components - double seals system on the inside and end cap on the external - which guarantee the water tightness of the axle line. Answering IPX6 / IPX7 * standard, the EXAKT will allow you to face the worst weather conditions. *IPX6 Powerful water jets / 1 minute per square meter for at least 3 minutes Water volume : 100 litres per minute Pressure : 100 kPa at distance of 3 m. IPX7 Immersion, up to 1 m depth Test duration : 30 minutes. Progress and Passion: The greatest victories are the fruit of modest details, slight but steady progress. The EXAKT allows you to measure every detail of your performance, to improve your training habits to help you discover your limits and progress constantly. Equipped with dual Bluetooth L.E. and ANT + compatibility, the EXAKT gives you the choice to record, analyse and share your data. Power: Independent of environmental factors, measuring the power output allows to manage your training effectively, to define your training zone and to follow precisely the evolution of your performances. Cadence: It is the number of pedal strokes you make in one minute. In other words, your speed of execution. Combined with the force you apply on the pedals it gives the power output. Analyze - Compare - Share: Track your day-to-day activities, set your goals, and drive the evolution of your performance from the measured data. The SRM PC8 allows you to display values such as power, heart rate, speed, distance, location as well as training metrics such as Training Stress Score, Normalized power and Intensity Factor.Buy Look Components from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.

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